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Scalable Recruitment Solutions

Minimize Cost Risk as Hiring Demands Fluctuate

One of the greatest recruitment challenges is effectively responding to rapid changes in hiring demand. Our flexible and scalable recruiting solutions can help your company minimize cost and risk as your needs change. Some examples include:

  • Your company introduces a new product and must quickly ramp up a new salesforce.
  • Your audit season arrives and there is need for a group of specially skilled accounting experts, but only for a 3-4 month project duration at year-end.
  • The economy experiences a downturn and hiring drops off, leaving you strapped with the high cost of an underutilized recruiting team. Hudson RPO’s flexibility in its contract structure and service level agreement helps to address such issues. We will share the cost risk associated with your resource need fluctuations by scaling the team up and down as needed. You only pay for productive resource levels commensurate with your business requirements at any point in time. This solves your challenge to effectively hire – and fire if necessary – an internal recruiting team in response to fast-changing market and business conditions.

Scalable RPO

Additionally, our service models let us scale up and down the scope of support we deliver to you. We can build a system from the ground up, take on specific parts of the recruitment process, or help on an as-needed basis. We can supplement recruiting in one or more geographic sites, and for one or more functional areas or business line units.

Hudon RPO's scalable recruitment solutions provides your business with hiring options. It’s about staying agile to give you exactly what you need on the talent acquisition front, exactly when you need it.

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Success Story

16 New Hires while Establishing Best Practices

By utilizing Hudson RPO for a one-year recruiting project, this US$3B financial institution acquired new quantitative assessment techniques and improved hiring standards.

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