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Hudson RPO South East Asia

South-East Asia…Complex yet Fascinating

Hudson RPO has
more than 15 years of experience
in South East Asia

Asia moves at an incredible pace – some would call it intense, and change happens so rapidly across this complex region that it takes genuine effort to keep track of all the market movements.

South East Asia itself comprises 10 key countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) that are far from being homogeneous, and this really adds to both the complexity and excitement of operating in this region.

Hudson RPO Asia’s office is based in Singapore where Hudson established itself more than 15 years ago, and it has since accumulated valuable local knowledge of the South-East Asia market. Hudson RPO understands the challenges that you face every day.

Our reach in South-East Asia comprises 10 key countries.

  • In an environment that is highly competitive and constantly evolving, our team can help you make meaning of the latest technology and tools in the local and over-arching regional market.
  • We’ll devise and implement a compelling recruiting strategy that would attract and retain desirable talent—ranging from a robust Employee Referral Program to a well-rounded social media strategy that utilizes your organization’s resources for optimum results.
  • Our clients leverage our sought-after industry research such as salary benchmarks, and The Hudson Report—Singapore Employment Trends, a quarterly survey of 1,500 employment decision makers on forward-looking hiring expectations in the Singapore market.

Measurable quality of talent… retained.

  • We’re experts in employer branding, and we’ll work with you to deploy best practices in building a powerful employment brand—a place where talented employees are proud to join.
  • Our aim is that you find the perfect, long-term candidates. Our in-house team of PhD psychologists have developed proprietary assessment tools and interview techniques to measure a candidate’s personality, professional style and interests, leadership skills, interpersonal attributes and competencies.
  • Plus, our talent management experts profile your high performers and identifies ways in which to keep them challenged so they’ll stay with your firm.

We build high-touch, innovative solutions for sustainable business success.

  • Transparency and trust is critical when deploying a recruitment solution in South-East Asia. At Hudson RPO we are ISO 9001:2000 Certified, NASDAQ-listed and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant.
  • Hudson RPO’s greater talent reach enables you to scale up or down according to the peaks and troughs in hiring experiencing greater cost control and transparency.
  • Tap on emerging technologies and tools that will give you an edge over your competitors by reaching talent faster…in a compelling manner.
  • Quality in delivery and execution cannot be compromised hence we ensure that we assign only trained and qualified resources to address your needs.
Hudson RPO Southeast Asia Contact

Hamish Gordon

Clients Solutions Director, RPO Asia
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Establishing a European Bank in Singapore

Hudson (NASDAQ: HSON) offers highly specialized professional recruitment, recruitment outsourcing, talent management and related staffing services and solutions. Hudson RPO manages the people, processes and technology associated with recruitment on a fully outsourced or project basis. A global force in talent solutions, Hudson RPO designs, implements and manages custom recruitment process outsourcing programs for mid- to large-cap multi-national companies. Hudson RPO was named in HRO Today’s 2010, 2011 and 2012 Baker’s Dozen list, recognizing the top recruitment process outsourcing providers worldwide.