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Don’t Let Power Struggles Crush Your Employer Brand Reputation

employer brand reputation

This is an excerpt from “Launching a Successful Employer Brand: Practices that Distinguish Top Employer Brands” by Hudson RPO and HRO Today magazine. To download the full report, click here.

In many companies, it is often unclear which department ultimately owns Employer Branding. Is it HR? Talent Acquisition? Marketing?

Nothing will hinder your employer branding success like confusion, resistance and power struggles among internal departments. Unclear ownership results in a lack of effective collaboration. Ambiguity causes employer branding to become “political.” When that is the case, HR, Marketing and Talent Acquisition may be sending mixed messages about employer branding to senior leadership, which will delay or perhaps destroy any employer brand progress.

The employer brand is your company’s reputation as an employer. HR executives know it is vital to hiring efforts, but what do you do if you do find yourself in the midst of a power struggle?

Start by bringing together the leaders of HR, Talent Acquisition, Brand, Internal Communications and Marketing to define shared interests, develop common goals and outline responsibilities. Educate internal groups about why employer branding is important (don’t just assume that all departments fully understands this) to ensure you all have a shared vision. Get these teams to collaborate on their business case and appoint one member (typically the senior HR or Marketing leader who is also part of the C-suite) to be the key leadership point person.

If you are still met with resistance, remember that sometimes the easiest and fastest way to get around political barriers is to bring in an outside expert. Consider hiring an external employer brand partner to work with these teams. The external partner will bring in a fresh perspective and will also guide the groups to define roles and responsibilities so you can work in harmony toward common goals.

Regardless of which department ultimately owns the employer brand at your organization, an external provider can overcome any internal barriers that may be invisible to management, which is necessary for the success of any project.


Infographic: What Separates Top Employer Brands from the Rest

What Separates Top Employer Brands from the Rest - infographic by Hudson

Hudson RPO and HRO Today magazine recently commissioned a survey of 324 HR executives from companies such as Disney and Microsoft, among others to determine what separates Top Employer Brands from Other Brands. The resulting report, entitled, “Launching a Premier Employer Brand Program: Practices that Distinguish Top Employer Brands,” analyzes the practices of Top Employer Brands versus Other Brands and provides advice on implementing a successful employer brand program.

Here is a snapshot of Top Employer Brand practices versus those of the Other Employer Brands:

An employer brand is a company’s reputation as an employer among current, former and perspective employees. Strong employer brands attract candidates that are a good cultural fit to an organization. Employees who are a good fit are typically more productive, more engaged and more likely to stay with a company for the long-term.

As the infographic indicates, there are several key differences between Top Employer Brands and Other Employer Brands. Top Employer Brands devote time and resources to clearly define and document an employer brand strategy, involve multiple department and other groups in promoting the employer brand and assign distinct organizational responsibilities for owning and managing it.

To download a complimentary copy of the report, please visit,

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<a href=""> <img alt="What Separates Top Employer Brands from the Rest - infographic by Hudson" height="3468" src="" width="600"> </a><p> <a href=""> What Separates Top Employer Brands from the Rest</a> infographic by <a href="">Hudson</a></p>



Advantages of a Consistent Hiring Process

Reduce Your Average Cost Per Hire

Reduce Your Average Cost Per Hire

An RPO solution provides the overall benefit of CONSISTENCY OF PROCESS when it comes to hiring for an organisation. This not only provides transparency into your recruitment outcomes, but it allows for cost savings and provides assurance that your brand is being consistently represented in the market.

Consistency in hiring and HR practices can be a challenge for companies recruiting in complex Asian markets. The MOM in Singapore has increased its commitment to ensuring locals are not unfairly disadvantaged through revised TAFEP guidelines and processes due to take full effect in August. Having reliable data from an RPO provider can provide the workforce planning insights many clients crave when adding headcount to emerging markets. Using one dependable RPO company for your hiring needs can provide peace of mind that you are in compliance with the government requirements, as well as providing a consistent message to your talent pools and internal stakeholders.

Case Study

Our client is a global investment banking and diversified financial services group, providing banking, financial advisory and investment and funds management services to institutional, corporate and retail clients around the world.


  • In Asia, the firm had an ad-hoc approach to recruitment, with some business group hiring managers going out to market directly, and other groups being supported by a mixture of HR Business Partners and dedicated Recruitment Administration staff.
  • Asia agency usage was fragmented with over 140 unique vendors and as a consequence, there was little control across costs, risk and management of the client employment brand in the local market.
  • Multi-country jurisdiction meant that there was a lack of consistency in quality of selection process and brand messaging.
  • Candidate referrals were untracked and recruitment database unmined and underutilised.
  • Third party agency spend in Asia exceeded AUD11 million, with an average cost per hire in front-office roles over five times higher than any peers.


The client hired Hudson RPO and we created a solution to deliver:

  • Clear accountability for recruitment and consistent articulation of brand to market
  • Proven direct sourcing model, reducing third party reliance and spend
  • Targeted sourcing and candidate talent pipelining
  • Selection process management by trained experts in interview and assessment methodologies
  • Improved candidate experience through single contact point and consistent brand messaging
  • Improved hiring manager experience through provision of unbiased and relevant market intelligence and ‘trusted advisor’ relationship
  • Better quality hires, reduced time-to-fill and improved retention
  • Standardised reporting of recruitment metrics and analytics to measure effectiveness and drive improvement initiatives


  • Since implementation in March 2012, Hudson RPO’s on-site team has filled 531 positions, achieving 81% direct hiring for permanent recruitment.
  • Reduction in third party vendor usage – 2012 resourcing spend for the client’s Asian operations (including Hudson RPO cost) showed a 90% reduction vs the same period in 2011.
  • Average cost per hire is now 33% of what it was pre-implementation.
  • Hiring an employee via the Hudson RPO onsite team is 14% of the cost of hiring via a third party vendor
  • Significant reductions in the average cost per hire have been achieved. The cost to fill a vacancy is now 33% of what it was pre-implementation.
  • Active marketing of Employee Referral Program increased hires via this source from 12% to 20% of 2013 total hiring volumes, generating further cost savings of HKD4m.
  • ATS (Page Up) completely optimised to provide a platform for efficient candidate management, talent pool management, vacancy management and reporting

For more information on how your company will benefit from an RPO solution, contact Hudson RPO today.








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