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Recently, Canada has seen an upswing in job creation. In fact, November 2013 saw the biggest month of employment growth in more than a decade, according to CTV. While this may seem like good news, this increased number of jobs can also create a shrinking talent pool. According to a February 2013 article in the Financial Post, in Canada's five easternmost provinces, unemployment rates have spiked higher than that of the national average. Alternatively, in the westernmost provinces, jobless rates have dropped well below the country's average.

Luckily, Canada has managed to succeed in snagging skilled immigrant workers to meet increased labor demands in these geographic areas, says the Financial Post. While global competition remains high for top-notch talent, Canada boasts a few advantages to job seekers, such as government-sponsored health care and a rebounding economy.

Yet, Canadian labor laws differ greatly from other countries in the Americas. Only a recruitment agency that keeps up-to-date with changes to Canadian labor laws can ensure your company remains compliant with provincial employment standards. Your recruitment agency should also have a strong understanding of the Canadian job market and the available talent pool. Hudson RPO stays ahead of the Canadian labor trends to help your company succeed in this dynamic market.

We specialize in permanent professional-level candidates of all levels.

In an industry known for "young" recruiters, Hudson RPO's Canadian leadership team has an average industry tenure of 10 years. As a Hudson RPO client, you'll work directly with these senior-level market experts, not just junior account people.

Hudson RPO is ISO 9000 certified. Our RPO solution represents an entirely different approach to recruitment—building your employment brand, proactive sourcing strategies, shared technology and IP, and measurable results that drive continuous innovation.

Measurable quality of talent... retained

  • You'll pay for what you actually use—with the flexibility to staff up or down as dictated by your recruiting needs.
  • Our in-house team of PhD psychologists have developed proprietary assessment tools and interview techniques to measure a candidate's personality, professional style and interests, leadership skills, interpersonal attributes and competencies. This ensures we not only find the perfect candidate, but the perfect candidate who is likely to stick around.

High-touch, innovative solutions for sustainable business success

  • Make better business decisions by measuring time, cost and quality.
  • Turn your recruiting into a variable cost and benefit from increased economies of scale with productivity, stakeholder and cost measurements provided along the way.
  • Our rigorous workforce planning educates your in-house team on topics such as how to engage the business with a process and methodology to anticipate growth and new product launches.
  • Not only will you better measure the tangible benefits, but we demonstrate how to understand the important intangibles that transform HR into a value-added strategic partner to senior management.
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Anthony Martin

Executive Vice President, RPO & Talent Management
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  • Hudson RPO helped global pharmaceutical company triple its output of life-saving drugs.
  • Global electronics and entertainment company relied upon Hudson RPO to improve key talent acquisition metrics for 1,000 hires per year.
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