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Hudson RPO Australia and New Zealand


Hudson RPO offers a comprehensive office network across all capital cities in Australia & New Zealand. We’re part of a global team of RPO experts located in 21 markets serving 43 countries to deploy best practice.


  • Hudson RPO's ANZ senior leadership team is the most experienced team in the region with average industry tenure of 15 years. As a Hudson RPO client, you'll work directly with these senior-level market experts.
  • Our account managers undergo extensive training in project and change management, advanced sourcing and assessment techniques. That's why our account manager and consultant retention rate is over 90%, the highest in the industry.
  • Our onsite teams have access to immediate “on the ground” market knowledge and candidate sourcing capability.

Measurable quality of talent... retained

  • We're so confident of our ability to help you find and retain the right candidates that we back our candidates with a 6 or 12 month retention guarantee depending on the solution.
  • With Hudson RPO, you'll also have access to a full suite of talent management services, including interview skills training, high potential programs to career development workshops, which can be leveraged for greater business benefit.
  • You'll achieve competitive advantage by gaining access to Hudson's quality data base of 1.9 million candidates which is updated hourly across Australia & New Zealand. Twenty percent of candidates are typically sourced this way, saving you time and dramatically reducing your sourcing costs.

We build high-touch, innovative solutions for sustainable business success

  • From the outset we get you involved to hand pick the onsite team to ensure they align to your company culture and have the competencies to perform the role.
  • We ensure a strong internal account management model is deployed and a robust quarterly and annual performance review and continuous improvement process is implemented.
  • The willingness of our clients to maintain our recruitment outsourcing solutions over multiple years and contract periods demonstrates the value we provide and the strength of our delivery and relationships.
Hudson RPO
Australia Contact

Kimberley Hubble

Global RPO Leader
Did You Know?
  • Hudson RPO developed Australia’s first ever RPO offering for Johnson & Johnson Medical, a solution that continues today.
  • Since our inception in 1998, we’ve met 100% of our KPIs on every solution; we’ve never lost a solution due to poor performance or culture fit.
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Hudson (NASDAQ: HSON) offers highly specialized professional recruitment, recruitment outsourcing, talent management and related staffing services and solutions. Hudson RPO manages the people, processes and technology associated with recruitment on a fully outsourced or project basis. A global force in talent solutions, Hudson RPO designs, implements and manages custom recruitment process outsourcing programs for mid- to large-cap multi-national companies. Hudson RPO was named in HRO Today’s 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Baker’s Dozen list, recognizing the top recruitment process outsourcing providers worldwide.