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Recruiting Industry Experience


Recruiting Industry Experience
Flexible, scalable recruiting
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Hudson RPO provides specialized recruitment services in a variety of demanding industries -- and there’s no substitute for experience. We've partnered with companies around the world, across most industries, to assist them with hiring talent. Our recruiters spend their days sourcing, interviewing, assessing and hiring the best candidates for different roles within a particular industry. As a result, our people have the data, the experience and the instincts for what types of candidates get the best results for our clients among their different industries.

Recruiting is not simply the art of filling a job vacancy. Whether recruiting one person or one hundred, hiring is a strategic decision that influences the success of your department and organization. When outsourcing recruitment services across just a few or even thousands of roles, you need a recruitment outsourcing partner that understands your industry and appreciates the consequence of just once unsuccessful hire.

Unlike many other RPO providers, we pride ourselves on employing experienced professional recruiters. In fact, many of our recruiters have both industry and recruiting experience making them better placed to understand client needs and allowing them to make judgments on the skills that specific candidates bring to the table. That's why Hudson RPO is the recruitment outsourcing specialist many of the most successful organizations in the world turn to when they need contract or permanent recruitment solutions.


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Hudson (NASDAQ: HSON) offers highly specialized professional recruitment, recruitment outsourcing, talent management and related staffing services and solutions. Hudson RPO manages the people, processes and technology associated with recruitment on a fully outsourced or project basis. A global force in talent solutions, Hudson RPO designs, implements and manages custom recruitment process outsourcing programs for mid- to large-cap multi-national companies. Hudson RPO was named in HRO Today’s 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Baker’s Dozen list, recognizing the top recruitment process outsourcing providers worldwide.