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Pharma Recruitment Cuts Time to Hire

Global Pharmaceutical Company uses RPO

Merck Sharp & Dohme's Challenge

In 2006, Hudson RPO partnered with Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company was facing internal challenges that were negatively impacting their profits and affecting the brand’s credibility.

  • The client was struggling to effectively execute time to fill with the current sales staff, which instantly affected profit margins
  • MSD was using a mixed panel of recruitment agencies which created unnecessary expenses and inconsistent messages communicated to the market

RPO Solution

Hudson RPO recognised the company’s need to widen their sourcing channels in order to build their talent pool. On top of increasing the amount of potential hires, our team streamlined consistent processes and trained managers on recruitment best practices.

  • Organised candidate events across all states to increase exposure and attract large numbers of qualified applicants
  • Established evaluation methodologies including competency profiles, interview guides and tailored candidate tests and assessments
  • Designed external communication strategies for the EVP as well as existing employees and managers to keep message consistent


Our onsite solution achieved high levels of satisfaction among the hiring managers and candidates. Our team greatly improved the overall quality of hire and played a pivotal role in creating consistency within the company’s overall communication efforts.

The results of Hudson RPO’s solution include:

  • Time to shortlist decreased to 6 days
  • Time to fill decreased from over 90 days to 11 days
  • 100% direct hires; staff retention of 94.7%
  • Built candidate pool to 2,281
Project Summary


Client HQ Location:

Project Location:


  • Client struggled to shorten time to fill with current sales staff
  • MSD used a mixed panel of recruitment agencies
  • Profit margins were decreasing

Recruitment Project


  • Time to shortlist decreased to 6 days
  • Time to fill decreased from over 90 days to 11 days
  • 100% direct hires; staff retention of 94.7%
  • Build candidate pool to 2,281
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