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Hudson RPO offers executive search services throughout the Americas. As an RPO provider, our trilingual recruitment team (English, Spanish and Portuguese) is uniquely suited to leverage our sourcing and recruitment best practices gleaned from the thousands of placements we make globally every year. This allows our retained executive search team to find high-quality, top-performing executives for your most important roles.

As your executive search consultant, Hudson RPO collaborates with you to define the ideal candidate and to deliver a customized executive search solution. Our recruiters are well versed on the most effective research techniques to attract, select and engage the best talent – and cultural fit for your firm – for the role. We create sustainable partnerships with our clients by focusing on quality, not volume.

Our Specialities

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Our Service and Expertise

Our specialty in the Americas targets US$100K+ roles in everything from sales roles to C-suite level roles. Unlike your typical executive search firm, Hudson RPO’s global footprint allows us to tap into an enviable pool of highly qualified candidates. Plus, our recruiters have experience in local markets across Canada, the United States and South America.

Our Process

Our goal is to complete executive searches efficiently and successfully, finding the top performers in your industry – someone who can add value to your business and help transform your company.

Our process to achieve quality results is to work with your company to:

  1. Understand the company: its products, services, business goals,
  2. Define the job profile and understand this role within the organization,
  3. Establish a sourcing strategy with the flexibility to make adjustments depending on what we find in the marketplace, to keep searches on course.
  4. Develop a candidate map. Our consultants are supported by seasoned, in-house researchers who are responsible for “mapping’ the market” to source high quality candidates (online and offline), while ensuring our database is kept up-to-date with top executive talent.
  5. Candidate interviews and assessments
  6. Negotiation and management of offer

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