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RPO Events, Videos & White Papers

RPO Events: Attend a live event hosted by Hudson RPO

Hudson RPO is proud to host live events and also to participate in industry events on a variety of recruitment process outsourcing topics pertinent to leaders in HR, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition. To receive advance notice of future events, please register for alerts .

Social Recruiting for Success One-Day Workshop
Practical skills & techniques for social recruiting Melbourne & Sydney dates. Learn more


RPO Videos & Webinars: Learn From a Top RPO Company

Hudson RPO is proud to provide webinars and videos on best practices in the recruitment process and recruitment process outsourcing. To receive advance notice of future webinars and videos, please register for alerts.

Hiring Employees Across the Americas Using Recruitment Hubs
Learn about a trend on the rise in the Americas… remote hiring, which is achieved by the creation of one recruitment hub to serve all of Latin America

Recruitment Challenges Q&A: Ramping up for Sales
Hear our Q&A session with one VP of Talent who solved recruiting challenges early in the economic recovery. 1-hour webinar

Keys to Acquiring and Managing Your Contingent Workforce
Best practices overview in hiring professional-level temporary (contract) employees.

The Talent War is On...Again.
Call in the Troops!

Learn how to supplement your recruiting spikes with an RPO solution.


RPO White Papers & Articles

Best practices in the recruitment process

Hudson RPO is proud to provide white papers and articles addressing a variety of topics pertinent to leaders in HR, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition. To receive advance notice of future webinars and white papers, please register for alerts.

Outsourcing Recruiting in Latin America
Learn how savvy multinational corporations are outsourcing their recruiting efforts to cut costs and improve their hiring results across Latin America.

Quality of Hire
“Hiring for Success: Improving Organizational Performance Through Better Quality Recruitment”
Report written by Hudson RPO and HRO Today Institute

Rise of Blended RPO
Addressing the Total Talent Need
Report written by Everest Group, featuring Hudson RPO

Your Recruitment Process & the Recovery:
Strategies for Success

A quick read that helps you select the best recruiting process for the economic recovery

Growing Pains

The Shanghai Business Review interviews Hudson RPO China Director Laura Shen… As companies expand across China, can the HR industry help organisations to cope with the challenges associated with rapid growth?

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