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Keeping up with the changing landscape of digital technology, innovation, employer branding and how both external candidates and employees want to be engaged with is an ever changing target. Many organisations find it hard to know where to start.

The first step is asking what you want to achieve.

On a day to day basis we support our clients globally to increase their ability to source and attract the right candidates for their business. Throughout this process there are many touch points that need to be identified, reviewed and explored to ensure that the messages that the organisation uses when going to market are true, authentic and current.

Hudson RPO’s BSI Consulting division provides tailored Employer Branding and direct sourcing solutions to meet the needs of a forward-thinking organisation. We look to understand the needs of your business, what your key objectives are and then how we can build an attraction and sourcing ecosystem to supply tailored content to your target audience and attract skilled talent to your business.

No two organisation solutions will ever be the same, as their offering to the market will always be unique.

To find out how BSI can assist your business to develop a compelling, connected and attractive employer brand & direct sourcing strategy, click here.


Employer Brand Audit, Strategy & Execution Direct Sourcing Programs Training


  • Assess internal & external brand perceptions
  • Employer brand strategy development
  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP)  survey development, project management and delivery


  • Develop key EVP statements – overarching & division specific
  • Develop distinctive assets and unique attributes (creative collateral)
  • Test EVP messages, assets & unique attributes with target audience


  • Develop communication channel strategy
  • Roll out internal communication initiatives
  • Executive external communication strategy in partnership with company brand and communication divisions


  • Define key metrics to be measured
  • Ensure ownership & action plan
  • Manage & measure internal and external metrics


  • Talent pool diagnostic & development
  • CRM & engagement strategy design


  • Diversity attraction strategies
  • Developing diversity messaging and creative collateral


  • Social audit of current channel
  • Online & offline communication channel strategy
  • Support the development of online voice, risk management and time management strategies

Training is available for individuals and teams based on current sourcing needs.

Tailored training courses can also be designed and developed upon request

  • Advanced Sourcing
  • Talent pool development
  • Open Web
  • Tailored training courses


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