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Blended RPO

In running silo-based Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) arrangements for your permanent hiring and temporary staffing needs, you could be missing out on cost savings, operating efficiencies and the opportunity to better utilize your workforce.

At Hudson RPO, we have the ability to combine our RPO and MSP offering into a blended RPO which is a solution that integrates the process of temporary staffing and permanent hiring into a single, total talent acquisition approach.


  • Attract and recruit temporary talent to meet the growing contingent workforce needs
  • Ability to scale up or down given the unpredictable nature of the economy
  • Adapt to shifts in varying demographics' expectations; temporary workers are seeking greater work/life balance as well as the overlap in permanent and temporary talent pools
  • Utilize technological advances to do increasingly high-value activities from remote locations
  • Flexibility to access talent sources from different geographies to meet the demands of globalization


  • Cost savings that can yield greater than independent RPO and MSP solutions
  • Better alignment of workforce plan to overall business strategy
  • Competitive differentiation and higher employee engagement
  • Greater workforce flexibility
  • Standardization of hiring practices and concentration of talent acquisition knowledge
  • Freeing up internal resources to focus on strategic talent management issues
  • Greater accountability and compliance
  • Increased access to talent
  • Reduced time to fill open vacancies
  • Re-use of skilled temps and contractors
  • Smoother conversion of contract workers to permanent employees


For a more in depth look at why organizations should consider a total talent acquisition approach and the potential financial benefits, download Everest Group's research titled "Rise of the Blended RPO: Addressing the Total Talent Acquisition need," which names Hudson RPO as one of the few providers capable of delivering a blended RPO solution.

Project Recruitment Benefits
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